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Coups. Assassinations. Riots. Detentions. Disinformation. We know the tactics that have been deployed to undermine our democracies. But who is behind them?

The twin insurrections at the US Capitol in 2021 and Brasilia’s Three Powers Plaza in 2023 left no doubt about the international coordination of reactionary forces. 

Yet far too little is known about the entities of this network, their sources of financing, and their institutional allies operating inside our political systems. 

That is why we launched a research consortium on the Reactionary International: to trace the connections between the politicians, platforms, think-tanks, funders, foundations, publications, judges, and journalists that comprise this global network — and to support democratic systems to become more resilient to their insidious tactics.

We invite you to explore the platform, download the resources, and consider contributing to the consortium.

Researchers and organizations can apply to join the consortium by emailing contact@reactionary.international.

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