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Atlas Network

Atlas Network
The Atlas Network is an international organization founded in the US in 1981 by British national Antony Fisher. Inspired by the neoliberal ideals of authors like Fridrich Hayek and Ayn Rand (after whose book, Atlas Shrugged, the organization is named), Fisher’s goal was to make a world with fewer protections for workers, with fewer guaranteed rights of any kind, and with no hope or intention to save the globe from environmental catastrophe. 

The Atlas Network funds large numbers of international think tanks, institutes, scholarships, and other movement-building initiatives along a neoliberal line from the US, to Brazil, to the UK. The Atlas Network has received huge grants from funds connected to the US-base Koch Foundation to push climate-change-denial perspectives and policies. The Network has gotten some additional attention recently as their efforts have become more successful, with former and current British PMs as well as the current President of Argentina openly influenced and connected to the organization.

In addition to their above-board work in spreading neoliberal ideology and big money internationally, the Atlas Network is involved in shady political operations in Latin America. The BBC has reported that members of the Atlas Network were involved in online misinformation campaigns in elections in Ecuador and Peru. Worse, those same actors in the Atlas Network have been linked to similar misinformation campaigns connected to Bolivia’s 2019 coup.

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 “Viva la Libertad, Carajo!”

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