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Carta de Madrid

Carta de Madrid
The Foro Madrid is an international network of right-wing politicians, business people, and political actors linked by their signature to a document called the Madrid Charter.

Their founding document, the Madrid Charter, is a one-page manifesto about the dangers of the left. It begins by saying that the people in the “Iberosphere” are part of a united cultural front, meaning they need to stick together for their future and betterment. They argue that despite their region’s capacity for freedom and development they are nevertheless beset by communism and socialism, referring to Cuba and the centre-left in Latin America, particularly the Sao Paulo Forum which was founded in 1990 by the Workers Party in Brazil. They have also stated that the left in Latin America is funded by a combination of narco-trafficking funds, Iran, Russia, and China. 

Founded on the claim that the purpose of the right-wing is to prevent the spread of the left, the Foro Madrid aims to unite right-wing parties and organizations all over the world, focusing on Latin America, the US, Spain, and Portugal. As an international right-wing initiative not controlled directly by the US, the Foro Madrid is an example of the truly global nature of the resurgence of the right-wing internationally.