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Exodus Global Alliance

Exodus Global Alliance
Exodus Global Alliance is an evangelical ‘ex-gay’ umbrella organization bringing together evangelical churches, ministries and psychologists offering ‘conversion therapy’.

Established in 2004, Exodus Global Alliance was originally an offshoot of the now-defunct Exodus International. Exodus International had served as an American association for various organizations advocating conversion therapy. 

Exodus International had an extensive history of supporting conversion therapy and lobbying against LGBT+ rights. During the '70s and '80s, Exodus was at the core of the ‘ex-gay’ movement. Soon thereafter, Exodus Europe and Exodus Asia Pacific launched as independent networks. Exodus Global Alliance was established to bring these various regional networks together. 

Surprisingly, in 2013 Exodus International issued an apology to the LGBT+ community, upholding its opposition to same-sex marriage but apologising for ‘undue judgment by the organization and the Christian Church as a whole’ and rejecting conversion therapy. On disbanding, Exodus International withdrew from the Exodus Global Alliance, which continued. 

In 2021, Exodus Global Alliance closed its offices in Canada in anticipation of a bill making conversion therapy illegal. The organization now relies on its foothold in Latin America. Exodus Global maintains offices in Mexico and Brazil, where Exodus Latinoamerica and Exodus Brazil are headquartered. Exodus Global continues to support conversion therapy in places like Ecuador, where conversion therapy is considered torture. Exodus Affiliates in Peru have enjoyed political support from the Fuerza Popular party. In Central America, Exodus Global Alliance often works alongside Focus on the Family to advocate for conversion therapy and against homosexuality.