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Marina Seren

Marina Seren
Born Marina Lucena Ruiz on 8 July 2000, is a Spanish far-right activist, UFO investigator and participant in the Ferraz protests.

She claims she was a part of the secret space program where humans are conscripted into an intergalactic clone war, where they train and serve in the armies for hundreds or thousands of years. This conspiracy theory further states that after their term of service is up, their minds are wiped and they are returned to the moment and place in time they were recruited, although advocates often claim they have been able to reawaken these suppressed memories. Seren became a controversial figure within the UFO community for cosplaying a Nazi and subscribing to esoteric Nazism, leading to her ostracisation. Seren has denied that she is a Nazi.

However, there’s evidence that points to her radicalisation into Nazism at some point within the last several years. Her online posting history includes references to “Vril” which refers to Vril: The Power of the Coming Race, a book published in 1871 which speaks of a subterranean master race. She has also alluded to Hyperborea which literally refers to a mystical continent with constant good weather, but since has become associated with neonazism due to its usage as a recruiting code word. And she has referred to the Thule society, an esoteric oculist society associated with the Nazi party. 

During the Ferraz protests, she became famous for beating the pinata of Pedro Sanchez, and claiming that she was the reincarnation of Otto Skorzeny, an SS general who was given asylum in Francoist Spain.