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Political Network for Values (PNfV)

Political Network for Values (PNfV)
A trans-Atlantic Christian conservative platform, Political Network for Values (PNfV) was established in 2014 to unite conservative NGOs and legislators. For instance, legislators from political parties such as VOX use PNfV to share and discuss models for legislation. PNfV enjoys the support of the Population Research Institute, CitizenGo, Family Watch International, Alliance Defending Freedom, C-Fam, the Heritage Foundation, and the IOF. PNfV is anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ+, and anti-divorce. PNfV is an advocate of the Geneva Consensus Declaration.

PNfV was launched in 2014 at the UN offices in New York City. The network was primarily a joint venture between Spaniards Jaime Mayor Oreja and Lola Velarde, and former Mexican politician Rodrigo Iván Cortés. As a result, PNfV’s Board of Directors continues to be primarily Spanish and Latin American. The current President of PNfV is former Chilean presidential hopeful and founder of the Chilean Republican Party, Jose Antonio Kast. Several of PNfV’s organizers also have ties to El Yunque, a Mexican anti-communist paramilitary group. PNfV’s 2023 summit was sponsored by the Guatemalan government. 

American evangelicals play an important supporting role, as does the Hungarian government. PNfV’s Committee of Experts is dominated by US evangelical leaders from organizations such as the Alliance Defending Freedom. PNfV’s Board of Directors includes Sharon Slater of Family Watch International, Benjamin Bull of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, and Brian Brown of the IOF/WCF. Katalin Novák, a Hungarian President who resigned due to scandal in 2024, was also formerly president of the Network. She left this position in March of 2022 when Orbán selected her as his nominee for president of Hungary. PNfV has an office in Hungary and has previously been financed by the Hungarian government. 

Speakers at PNfV’s 2023 Fifth Transatlantic Summit included politicians from Ghana, Argentina, Uganda, Brazil, Paraguay, the US, and Chile; government ministers from Guatemala, Nigeria, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic; representatives from Live Action, the ADF, and the IOF; as well as Austin Ruse of C-Fam and Sharon Slater of Family Watch International.