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Rodolfo Eduardo Almirón

Rodolfo Eduardo Almirón
Rodolfo Eduardo Almirón Sena, born February 17, 1936, was an Argentine and Spanish police official. He joined the Argentine federal police where he began working under his future father-in-law, Juan Ramón Morales.

His time in the force was marked by association with criminal gangs and illegal activity, which led to his dismissal from the force in 1970. However, he was reinstated to the police force after José López Rega was appointed as a minister. He went on to participate in the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance, popularly known as the Triple-A, where he became the chief operating officer and worked alongside the Italian fascist Stefano Delle Chiaie. The organization is suspected of having killed thousands of leftists between 1973 and 1976. 

Forced to go into exile by the Argentine Armed forces, Almirón fled to Spain in 1975, shortly before the takeover by the military government in Argentina. There he participated in the killing of two Carlist activists in Montejurra a year later with Stefano Delle Chiaie. After the return of democracy in Spain, he spent time working as Manuel Fraga’s bodyguard. Eventually, his past with the Triple-A was discovered by the press, and after sustained public pressure he took a job as a waiter. Almirón moved to Valencia before a journalistic investigation discovered his location and a Spanish judge investigated him for crimes against humanity. He was extradited to Argentina to stand trial but died in 2009 before a sentence was handed down.

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 “Make Spain Great Again”

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 “Viva la Libertad, Carajo!”