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Sebastian Gorka

 Sebastian Gorka
Sebestyén Lukács Gorka, better known as Sebastian Gorka, was an advisor to former President Donald Trump.

Born to Hungarian parents who migrated to the United Kingdom after the 1956 revolution, he returned to Hungary after the fall of communism. Gorka eventually became an advisor to Fidesz, before becoming disenchanted with the party and founding a think tank with links to organizations such as the Heritage Foundation.

Gorka became involved in Hungarian politics once again following the Őszöd speech, becoming an advisor to a group that included the future leader of the far-right Our Homeland movement, László Toroczkai. He ran for local government in Hungary in the 2006 local elections, but he ended up splitting the vote allowing the MSZP candidate to be elected. He also attempted to launch his political party, but that fizzled out after a few months, and he ultimately decided to move to the United States with his wife in 2008.

After moving to the United States, he worked for various conservative think tanks and held adjunct professor positions in Washington DC. In 2014, he began working for Breitbart News, where he became acquainted with Steve Bannon. Following Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 elections, he was brought into the White House, causing controversy because of his previous links with the Hungarian far right.

In 2020, Gorka was appointed to the Pentagon Security Education Board, a position he’s held despite attempts by the Biden administration to boot him from the board.

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