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Tal Hanan

Tal Hanan
Tal Hanan (b. 1973) is an Israeli businessman and former Israeli Special Forces operative, best known by his alias “Jorge” due to his operation of Team Jorge.

Hanan is the CEO of Demoman International, a security company founded in 1999 and registered with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. In addition to working closely with the Israeli military, Demoman has trained security agencies in the US and Europe and has briefed US representatives on explosives and urban warfare.  On its website, Demoman claims it has “been providing security, intelligence, and law enforcement services to various international governments and agencies including Israel, U.S., different NATO members and Fortune 500 companies'' and “recently expanded the company’s scope of services and its global operations now include the private sector and governments located in the regions of Latin America”. Demoman’s staff and Board of Directors are heavily saturated with ex-IDF officials, US Military, and other global intelligence leaders. 

The majority of Hanan work has been done through Team Jorge: a covert team of primarily Israeli contractors, connected through underground channels, who have manipulated over thirty national-level elections across the globe through hacking and widespread misinformation campaigns on social media. While the majority of Team Jorge’s operations remain opaque, investigations indicate that Team Jorge utilized its hacking and disinformation services to hack the phones of senior members of President Ruto’s campaign in Kenya in 2022; disable the phones of All Progressives Congress party (APC) leaders in the 2015 Nigerian elections, to aid the presidential bid of Good Luck Jonathan; create a campaign of support for the embezzling Isaias brothers of Ecuador; slander Gavin Newsom during his gubernatorial campaign in California; place false media stories in France about the harms of sanctions on Russia; disrupt the 2014 referendum on Catalan Independence; and disseminate false information to journalists about former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in 2012, among other efforts.

Hanan’s meddling in international networks expands far beyond the creation of Team Jorge. According to a Bloomberg investigation, in 2006 Hanan was working with a Panamanian bank. Hanan informed Martin Rodil, then a data analyst at the International Monetary Fund, about funds transferring from PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company, to Iran, breaching US sanctions – and asked Rodil to use his position at the IMF to trace the funds on behalf of Hanan’s client. Hanan and Rodil later divulged this information to the Israeli Secret Service, and in 2006 co-founded the intelligence company Global Resources Solutions. Hanan and Rodil have both also listed Roger Noriega, the former Secretary of State under the George W. Bush administration, as an associate. Noriega has long advocated for neoconservative US foreign intervention to extend neoliberal policy and has worked, spoken and written against left-wing governments in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela and Cuba.