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Tuto Quiroga

Tuto Quiroga
orge Fernando Quiroga Ramírez, also known as Tuto Quiroga, was president of Bolivia from 2001-2002.

He was the youngest president in the country’s history as he finished the term of former president Hugo Banzer Suárez. Quiroga has run for president on multiple occasions but was never directly elected.

He was appointed by the Áñez administration as the “international delegate for human rights” with the objective to denounce the alleged “human rights violations” of the MAS government. Referring to Evo Morales and the Movement Toward Socialism, Quiroga said upon his appointment by Áñez, "La comunidad internacional debe saber la realidad de la barbarie que quisieron provocar estos grupos de activistas violentos, Bolivia entera se movilizó pacíficamente para que se acaben 14 años de dictadura.”

His role as Áñez’s “delegate to the international community” was not only retrospective in its purview, but meant to justify the 2019 coup citing the “fraude monumental y gigantesco que el informe preliminar de la OEA ya lo ha desvelado al mundo.”

Quiroga’s position as official international delegate was abolished after less than 2 months (2 December 2019-8 January 2020), when he announced his run for the presidency. During his 2020 run, he dropped out to endorse Carlos Mesa with the explicit intention of stopping the return of the MAS to the government.